1. Process non-project building plan application for approval within 21 working days.
  2. Issue assessment tax bills twice a year; before 31 January and 31 July every year.
  3. Review all tax assessment objections and appeals for consideration within 90 days.
  4. Resolve applications for transfer / tarekah within 30 days from the date a complete application is received.
  5. Application for planning permission will be processed within 90 days
  6. Review all applications for conversion of land under government land application within 15 working days.
  7. Resolve advisory services by planners within 24 working days.
  8. Process plan review of earthworks application within 15 working days.
  9. Process licence application in not more than 20 working days for high-risk licenses and 7 working days for no-risk licenses.
  10. Process approval period for applications of landscape plan within 10 working days, while response / action on complaints regarding landscaping will be implemented within 14 working days.
  11. Review all street/drainage development plans for comments within 10 days.
  12. Attend for action any complaints and reports of minor / street / drain damages within 3 days.
  13. Implement solid waste management efficiently and its collection and cleaning are carried out every day as per schedule in the city centre, public places and business centres, and every 2 days in housing estates and other areas.
  14. Resolve hygiene complaints within 3 hours.