1. Is the MBKT payment counter opened during break time?
    MBKT payment counter is opened during break time for the public facilities.
  2. Are all MBKT owned road lamps are maintained by MBKT itself?
    Road lamps owned by MBKT are maintained by MBKT Development And Maintenance Department.
  3. What is the role of MBKT to encourage the public to take care the beauty surrounding of Kuala Terengganu?
    MBKT Landscape Department encourages the public to beautify their surrounding areas such as residential area, shop houses, schools and kindergartens by supplying shady and flowering trees . The department also plans to hold competition to encourage the public to beautify their surroundings.
  4. Areas put under the responsibility of the residents to be maintained?
    The council has allocated the maintenance responsibility to JKKK or organization leader who has applied for tree supply. This is important to ensure the continuity of the landscape beauty.
  5. Is tree planting campaign held by MBKT?
    Every year the tree planting campaign will be carried out at state level in conjunction with the Landscape Day celebration. In relation to that, the council is also involved as a committee member.
  6. What is the response towards dirty premise?
    Making inspection, offence notice, compound, cancelling license and order to clean the premise concerned.
  7. How does MBKT hold a cleanliness campaign?
    Through health education talks, cleanliness competition, gotong royong (communal work) and cleanliness campaign on sign-boards.