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Limitation of Liability

You are clearly understand and agree that we are not responsible to any form of losses, directly or indirectly, related or special, continuous or exemplary, inclusive but not limited to losses in the form of loss of profit, trust or other implied losses due to:

(1) usage or inability to use this service;

(2) product acquisition and replacement service cost resulted from any purchase of product, data, information or service or message received or transaction done through or from this website;

(3) unauthorized access or changes in your delivery or data;

(4) third party statement or action in this website; or

(5) other matters relevant to these website.


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We can terminate your access to whichever parts of the service or the whole services and whichever related services at any time, with or without reason, with or without notice, and effective immediately. We can also terminate or suspend your inactive account, which is, define as failure to use the website using the account within specified period. You are agreeable that we are not responsible to you or any third party on the termination of access to that service.

Changes to Service Conditions

We have the rights to make changes, modification, cancellation or addition to these conditions at any time by giving prior notice. However, in urgent situation or in order to safeguard the website or in a situation, which is not in our control, where we see the need to change, modify, cancel or add these conditions, we will proceed without giving prior notice to you. It is agreeable that you will access and review these conditions from time to time to find any latest changes, modification, cancellation or addition. You are also agreeable and accept that continuous access and usage of these conditions (which is change or modify from time to time) is regarded as your acceptance to any changes, modification, cancellation or addition to these conditions.

Modification to Services

We have the rights to modify or terminate the service (or parts of the service) temporarily or permanent at any time with or without notice. You are agreeable that we are not responsible to you or nay third party on any modification, suspension or termination of services.


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