5. Decision On Morning Tea Break

  • The council's administration has agreed to fix a time-table for morning tea break to all officers and staffs in two (2) stages as follows:

    • Starting at 9.30 am and 10.00 am
    • The duration of each stage should not be more than 30 minutes
  • The involved party are required to arrange the turns of officers/staffs to ensure that the office is not vacated due to the staffs going out simultaneously for morning break. This administration is very serious regarding this instruction and action will be taken if there are officers and staffs who fail to follow it.

6. Welfare Of Officers/Staffs Including The Closest Relatives

  • The Council's Management section has taken the initiative to ask the concerned parties to inform the Administration And Human Resource Management pision if there is any officer/staff including nearest relative such as husband, wife, children, mother or father who passed away and any officer/staff admitted to hospital.

7. Transfer Of Staffs

  • Transfer of staffs at Department/pision/Unit level is NOT ALLOWED without getting permission from the administration first.
  • SPrior to that, any transfer instruction issued by the party concerned after 21st March 2004 should be postponed and the involved staff should return to his/her original place.

8.Alternative Dress Attire at Work And During Official Ceremony.

  • The party concerned should ensure that instructions issued are obeyed continuously and attached herewith is a copy of Government Secretary Office Circular No. 29 Year 2005 (Obeying Working Hours), Service Circular No. 2 Year 1985 (Dress at Work And During Attending Official Ceremonies For Public Officers), Service Circular No. 1 Year 2006 (Alternative Dress Fashion As Dress at Work And Attending Official Ceremony) and Terengganu State Secretary Office Circular No. 28 Year 2004 (Wearing Malaysian Batik Clothes By Public Officers During Working On Thursdays) as attached which self-explained purpose for information and to be distributed to all officers/staffs as supervised by the concerned party . Also, please be reminded, men officers/staffs should have short hair.
  • The concerned party should report to the administration if there is any officer/staff who is found breaking the rules an appropriate action will be taken against the officer/staff concerned .