• To park a vehicle or causing or  waiting at any  or along the road
  • To park a vehicle hindering to  any  vehicles outside the parking lot.
  • To park a vehicle not according to sign  and  traffics signals.
  • To park a vehicle in any parking area or parking lot at all times  without paying the fixed charge  for the period where the vehicle can be parked.
  • Metered Parking Lot
    Do not insert coin or coins into the parking meter as shown by the parking meter which equivalent to the amount shown for the period the vehicle can be parked.
  • Parking Lots Using Coupon
    Do not display  a valid parking coupon in the front  of the vehicle which can be spotted
  • To park or allow or cause a vehicle to be parked in reserved parking lots
  • To obstruct or cause an  obstruction to any parking place or parking lot.
  • To use any parking place or parking lot for the purpose of any trading or business.
  • To wash or clean or cause or allow any vehicle to be wash in a parking place or parking lot.
  • To throw away or cause to be thrown away any  receipt or notice issued by parking attendant on duty.
  • To remove or knock or  disturb or to meddle or  paste any  document or painting or writing or damaging or other misuse of parking meter.