Hawkers And Small Retailers License

  1. Fire Department Rules
    • To provide 9 kg fire extinguisher of dry charge type – ABD.
    • Fire extinguishers should be sent to Fire Department every year to be tested
    • All fire extinguishers should be hanged 1 meter above the floor and near exit ways so that they can easily be seen and grabbed.
    • All exit ways should be free from obstructions and hindrances.
  2. Health Department Rules
    • To provide urinal for toilets and the cleanliness should always be observed
    • To provide washing place together with cleaning material
    • Premise should be repainted outside and inside
    • To provide clean water supply
    • To have smooth and waterproof surface such as tile or other acceptable material around the building walls from the front area until the kitchen with at least five feet height.
    • Cleanliness of the premise/eating place and the surrounding area should always be taken care of.
    • The Cleaning water should be directly connected to sewage system.
    • To provide grease trap
    • To provide good toilets and washrooms and the cleanliness is always be taken care of.
    • Actual drainage system should be provided and the cleanliness is taken care of.
    • All garbage and food remaining should be put in the plastic bag before throwing into dustbin.
    • The premise floor and wall should always be mopped and cleaned.
    • To provide a suitable and covered dustbin.
    • Applicants and all food operators should received TAB injection or medicines from MBKT clinic.
    • All food operators should wear head covers and apron
    • All food operators should register for attending Food operators Basic Course.
    • Ensure that self cleanliness is always being practice.
    • Ensure that applicants and other food operators have short finger nails and without infectious diseases such as diarrhea and skin diseases.
    • All unused materials should not be dumped everywhere but they should be properly organized or destroyed.
    • All raw food to be kept in special store and cooked food is kept in refrigerator to avoid flies and others.
    • Ensure that all foods are covered or exhibited in special place so that they will not be dirtied by flies, cockroaches and others.
    • All ingredients used in cooking should be kept in special containers and labelled.
    • All inedible or poisonous materials should be kept in special containers and Labeled.
    • It is totally prohibited to put goods and other things for sales on the pathway .
    • Obstructions and hindrances to entrance/exit ways are not allowed
    • Works should be carried out in the premise only and it is not allowed to be done outside the premise.
    • It is prohibited to obstruct side roads/back lanes and roadsides